AquaChef Smart Cooker Review

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Aqua Chef Smart Cooker Review

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AquaChef Smart Cooker, gourmet technology in your own kitchen! Moist, mouthwatering healthy meals, cooked in their own juices perfect every time! Sounds great doesn’t it!

Developed by KitchenAdvance and introduced at the 2012 International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago, the innovative AquaChef makes it simple for home cooks of all skill levels to prepare mouthwatering meats, fish and other items. Sous-vide (pronounced soo-veed) is French for “under vacuum.” So, in a foolproof system that eliminates guesswork, ingredients are placed in a vacuum-sealed bag and submerged in the water-filled oven, which is preset to the final and most desirable consumption temperature.”


I was offered to review the AquaChef Smart Cooker and being a lover of small kitchen appliances, and trying different ways to make meals I was excited! Well when the unit arrived it came complete to get started, a cookbook of ideas, a KitchenAdvance Seal n Fresh Hand Vacuum, Seal n Fresh bags and a stylish modern looking unit! Love me some stainless steel and black, with a digital readout its a sweet little machine.  It’s similar in looks to a deep fryer, but remember this is healthy cooking, so put away the oil! Everything is cooked in a sealed vacuum bag, add marinade if you’d like, the bags are placed into the basket and the basket goes into WATER! Set the temperature, and your on your way to a mouth watering delicious, healthy meal.



I decided to test it out cooking Hubby and I a cod fish dinner. So after reading the instructions I was ready to give it a try. I simply added my favorite lemon pepper with lemon juice marinade drizzled over the fish, sealed in the Seal n Fresh bag. You just need to watch where your marinade is while you vacuum the air out, because yes it will suck up the juice and equals a mess. My fault not the vacuum, it was one of those oops in the kitchen moments.


Using the unit is nothing more then filing the removable pan with water, set the temperature , let the water come up to the boil and alerts you its ready, place the bag into basket and basket into unit, cover. Set cook time and there you have it! It alerts you when its done cooking, and will never over cook or dry out your food because it only cooks to the temperature it is set to. Not over or under!  No burnt, dried out meals! Our Cod came out so juicy, flaky and perfect it was amazing! Other then for flavoring, I could have skipped the marinade, it was so juicy on its own. If you cook fish you know it’s very easy to dry it out, and even with this being the first meal I cooked in the AquaChef Smart Cooker, the fish could not have tasted better! I guesstimated at cooking time even, and did not dry out the fish! It was done perfect in 25 minutes which is only about 10 minutes more then conventional cooking methods, to achieve that perfectly cooked flaky fish. Did I mention their is NO cleanup other then to dump the water pan and wipe it out!! Doesn’t get easy then that!!

fish complete with AquaChef

The unit is not for a quick last minute meal, it cooks meals in less time then a slow cooker, but time length is longer then conventional oven or grilling. The trade off of needing to plan ahead for cooking a meal, is the difference in taste! The same as a slow cooker, although healthier, the AquaChef Smart Cooker is going to take even cheap cuts of meat to a moist, tender piece of meat you can’t cook and eat from the grill or oven! Do meats, fish,veggies, and even desserts! I haven’t tried desserts yet, but yes the recipe booklet show’s them! Nice!! Even the fussy hubby who sooo loves his fried fish, had to admit the AquaChef cooked the cod to perfection and he was very happy with it! It’s a great way to do healthy meals, and is very popular method of cooking by top Chef’s around the world. I won’t give up my speed methods for cooking meals, but on the days I have the added time to make a more delicious, healthy meal, I will be using my Sous-Vide AquaChef Smart Cooker!


Kitchen Advance is offering the AquaChef Smart Cooker with a 60-day, risk free trial for $39.95. If a consumer is dissatisfied with the product for any reason, it can be returned for a 100 percent money back guarantee. If satisfied, KitchenAdvance will bill for three additional $39.95 payments. Order information here

The risk free trial includes not only the AquaChef Water Oven, but the Seal ‘N Fresh™ Handheld
Vacuum System; a set of 20 Seal ‘N Fresh™ Vacuum Seal Bags; the AquaChef Instruction
Manual; and, the AquaChef® Cookbook. $159.80 half the cost of  just a Sous-Vide Units found in Kitchen Stores!

Kitchen Advance and other fan’s of AquaChef Smart Cooker can be found on Facebook, and Twitter  follow and see what’s cooking!

In time for a great plan ahead Mother’s Day Gift, Kitchen Advance is supplying one complete

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