Halo Pocket Power Charger Review

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Halo Pocket Power Charger Review

I received the Halo Pocket Power Charger for the purpose of reviewing, the opinions are truthful, and based on my own experiences with the product.


How many times have you gone out for the day and realized your phone had little, to no charge left? Possible an emergency situation and you can’t make a call? Or, right in the middle of capturing that great shot, you get the “battery low” message on your camera! It has happened to me many times! So I was very excited to be able to give the Halo Pocket Power 2800 a try, if it worked the way it boasted it would be the answer to always having a charger no matter where we are.


To Start with it is so portable, no bigger than a lipstick or mascara, not only sleek but stylish!  Comes with everything needed to keep the Halo charged and the necessary adapters to charge your devices. Plus a carrying pouch for the Halo and accessories, to keep in your bag or pocket where ever your heading off too!


What’s In The Box:

  • Pocket Power 2800 charger
  •  Charge It, Charge Me, – USB Cable, 3 interchangeable adapter tips, 30-pin, mini USB, and micro USB
  • Carry Pouch- w/toggle drawstring
  • Product manual
  • Available in fun colors and patterns including blue, black, white, pink, purple, traditional cheetah, pink cheetah, and silver zebra. A  look perfect for all ages, young, old, men & women.


  • Backup Battery For Mobile Phones, including Iphone 5 (cable included with phone maybe needed) /MP3 & MP4 players/psp/Cameras and other sv digital devices, BlueTooth devices,
  • Compatible with all devices equipped with a USB male connection cable
  • Smart LED power Status Indicator
  • USB 2.0 port for powering/charging devices
  • Sleek & Lightweight, Durable Construction, measures 4″ x 3/4″ diameter
  • Short-circuit and over current protection, UL Tested and Approved
  •  2,800mAh; Input 5V/500mA; Output 5V/500mA,
  • 90-day Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty


When fully charged, indicated by the led power status light, and not in use, can hold a charge for up to 12 months,

This is a must have I feel for everyone and especially a great idea for teens, a backup for their phones so they are never without power to make an emergency call if the need arises!  No more “my phone had no charge”!  The Halo provides Additional talk time,  9 hours to the iPhone 3, 10 hours to the iPhone 4, 8 hours to the Samsung Galaxy S,  7 hours to the Blackberry Bold. Additional charging facts and information can be found here…..


So my Halo arrived and I did as suggested, plugged it into my laptop with the USB cable and charged it fully. It took less than an hour as it came already half charged. You know when its charged by the color coded indicator light. I then used the appropriate size charger tip and plugged in my camera to charge. It worked great and gave a full charge in no time! Next I put it to the test with my IPod, I love having my music with me,  but have never had a way to charge it without being at home to plug it in or having my computer with me. It not only charges the MP3 players, but you can play your tunes at the same time! We live in the boonies with no cell service, so its not cost effective for me to have a cell phone, so that is the only testing I was unable to do. I have no doubts however in the capabilities of the Halo doing what the brand says it can do with cell phones. After putting to the test with these devices and others, it supplied the power and staying power as is stated.

This little Halo is awesome in my opinion! Its so compact its easy to take with you everywhere, with all the accessories and the Halo charger right in the little pouch! This is an product I will be getting for members of my family, it’s practical, fun and just makes sense to have!

This is a must have Back To School item!

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9 thoughts on “Halo Pocket Power Charger Review

  1. This is a must have in today’s world! I need one for sure!

  2. Mellissa Hanks says:

    Okay THAT is cool! I kill my phone A LOT lol I should really look into this.

  3. jenniferhenry says:

    way to go great review nice size

  4. I love how portable and small it is. Like how you can charge and play music at the same time as with my daughters Ipod you cannot do that!

  5. Alaina Bullock says:

    What a great product! Perfect for when you left your charger at home on a trip, or even if you are out for the day and forgot to charge your phone. I love how it is compact so it is easy to slip in your bag.

  6. I would love this! That stupid Mophie sucks; this would probably work better!

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  8. I am always skeptical of something I’ve never heard of or tested myself. Reading your excellent review helped a bunch. Ordering one tomorrow for my wife. Thank you for your insight and honesty.

  9. Got one for Christmas. Love it!!! But if you have the iPhone 5 you have to use your own cable that comes with the phone. Or the halo people sell them